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Legal Information on the Palm of your Hand

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The Challenge

The initial query was not similar to anything we have been doing before — create a business model from scratch. The only starting point we had was legal information in Serbia. This indeed is not a standard task, and for this to work out we had to take the brand from zero, a stage where there was no brand at all, to one, a stage where there is a site that has turned into a lead generating machine.

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Visual Identity
Web Design
Webflow Development


Visual Identity
Web Design
Webflow Development
Technical SEO
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Product Goals and Objectives

“Advokati na dlanu” literally translates to “lawyers on the palm of a hand.” This name alone gave a great direction to the project, a site dedicated to gathering all important legal information within the local legal system. This gave way for a few ways to monetize the site, being a directory of best lawyers per large city in Serbia, lead gen, affiliate programs, backlinks, and ads. 

The compilation of ideas and challenges made us understand that for the project to be a success, we must build a lot of trust with a quite conservative market, where the digital world is in the early growth stages. Hence we decided to break the project down into small and achievable goals:

  1. First one was to create a visual identity for the project that is both trustworthy and professional, stimulating the sense of security and stability.
  2. Second goal was to have a slightly reserved website design in a way where we can avoid the users getting the premium and innovative feel, while at the same time going for the ultimate user experience, making the visitors want to stay on the site and browse longer.
  3. The third goal was to drive traffic to the site through properly executed technical SEO and SEO optimized content marketing.
  4. Last but not least, the main and final step is the start of outreach campaigns and the project’s monetization.
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Visual Identity

We already discussed the goals of the visual identity, and we followed that brief. The logo is bringing the feeling of trustworthiness - the scale of justice in a thought bubble next to the name of the brand.

The phrase “lawyers on the palm of a hand” is enhanced with a thought bubble containing the scale of justice, indicating not only that the brand is well connected amongst the best lawyers across the country, but also that the brand puts the security and safety of people above all else.

The blue colors paired with legible typography is bringing together the sense that this indeed is the brand that the clients can trust.

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Web Design and Webflow Development

The design of the site is incredibly simple as the market demands, yet respects proper user experience, making both navigating the site easy, and browsing it pleasant to the user.

The development is done on Webflow. Fluid units were used to improve the experience across different breakpoints. There are little animations as they often distract the visitors from the content, and the existing animations are both simple and seamless. Article filtering, seamless pagination, and table of content were all done using Finsweet attributes.

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Driving Traffic Through Organic Search

At the time of writing this case study, the site is generating over 18,000 clicks per month. This was accomplished strictly through organic means. There are no backlinks at the moment, and all traffic is generated through content marketing and proper technical SEO execution. 

The website has over 35 blog articles, and 8 news articles. All pieces are SEO optimized, most are long form, and all have scratch data snippets installed for higher clickthrough rate in search engine result pages (SERP). 

The website was developed using best user experience and semantic practices, which helps Google crawlers go through the content as effectively as possible, hence giving an edge over other competitor projects.

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Feedback from the Client

Mitar Radeka

Mitar Radeka

CEO @Advokati Na Dlanu

It was a pleasure working with Tilipman Digital! They were excellent at communicating, causing seamless collaboration between our teams, incredibly prompt and efficient. These are only a few of the qualities I value that were met. All recommendations!