3D Architectural Visualisation Studio

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Overview & Challenges

Vis-on is a 3d visualization studio that focuses on 3d renders, videos, and 3d tours for construction and architectural companies. Whenever a firm needs to present the project to their stakeholders, Vis-on takes care of the presentation. 

Tilipman Digital was approached as the business was facing a few challenges at the time: 

  • The website was supposed to show high quality work, and 3d renders were to heavy for the site, hence the compressed versions were exhibited, which were poor in quality
  • The assets were still heavy, hence the page speed performance was subpar across the board
  • Wordpress was making it difficult to manage the site
  • Site had poor technical SEO, hence there were many errors in Google Search Console

Looking at the award winning level of the design, it was clear from the get go that redeveloping the site with improved functionality and performance was not going to be a walk in the park by any means, so we took it one step at a time.

Visit Websit
Visit Website


Adobe After Effects


Motion Graphics
Webflow Development


Motion Graphics
Webflow Development
Technical SEO
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Project Goals & Objectives

When talking about award winning website’s it is common knowledge that they are almost never performing well in page speed and conversions. It is still important to optimize those websites as much as possible as the user experience is still important. Tilipman Digital was approached to help Vis-on make improvements across the board on their site.

The main goals were to:

  1. Migrate the site to Webflow, a platform with a simpler content management system (CMS) to manage
  2. Improve performance metrics
  3. Add new features to existing pages, and a new video page
  4. Tackle the site’s technical SEO
  5. Integrate analytics tools to track site's performance
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Migration to Webflow

Thinking about the project, the migration itself was not the easiest process. Webflow is a platform with many possibilities, and many call it a no code platform. This project proves this claim wrong as this project would be impossible to make without the use of any code. 

Across the site, the headlines were developed by nesting SVGs into H1 elements, which were then animated using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS).

Homepage is made as a combination of sliders, a horizontal one nested within a vertical slider with the use of SwiperJS. The videos are hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS) and are playing from the start thanks to JS. 

The most interesting page to migrate and enhance was “Projects” where we added an infinite scroll to the page together with the ability to adjust the item size and position within the Projects grid through the CMS.

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Technical SEO & Integrations

In terms of technical SEO, the following things were done: 

  1. Improved Semantics compared to the old version of the site
  2. Schema Markup generated on pages for improved context recognition by crawlers
  3. 301 redirects
  4. Generation of essential assets for indexation such as:
    • Robots.txt
    • Sitemap.xlm
    • Robot tags

As for the integrations, there were two things added in order to monitor the performance of the site:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console
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Feedback from the Client

Ekaterina Kapotina

Ekaterina Kapotina

Chief Project Manager @Vis-on

Wordpress was no longer working for us, so we had to change the platform to optimize & make the site more manageable. Tilipman Digital tackled the challenge of complex design even with the changes in scope. All technical questions were always answered clearly, with given actionable recommendations. In the end, we are happy with how our portfolio turned out.