The Accountant Quits

Educational Platform for Crypto Accountants

The accountant quits home page hero section in a mockup
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The Challenge

Initially, the task seemed quite simple at first – the client’s site had become outdated, so Tilipman Digital’s main mission was to redesign it and migrate to 
a more modern CMS, Webflow.

Looking deeper, redesign was not the only thing that was needed here, but 
a new corporate identity, and a fresh look at The Accountant Quits brand to accommodate the new product launch, the Crypto Accounting Academy. We had to analyze the old version of the site, think about the general concept of brand promotion and the channels in which it can be promoted, improve the visual component and accent the right offerings to keep the audience on the new site.

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Adobe Illustrator


Visual Identity
Web Design
Webflow Development


Visual Identity
Web Design
Webflow Development
Technical SEO
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Product Goals and Objectives

The Accountant Quits is a movement dedicated to enhancing the knowhow of accounting in Web 3 for the finance industry. The new product is tailored for the people who want to take their accounting skills and translate that into the Web3 industry, where the growth opportunities are endless. The rebranding and the website’s design concept were lined up in sprints. The assets taken from the corporate identity started to take form once the site design was in motion.

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The unified symbol of the three letters captures the essence of "TAQ," with the letter "Q" breaking free from the first two, visualizing the act of "quitting." It bursts in color in contrast to the previous letters, signifying the exciting new beginning in the web3 and crypto domain.

The addition of the full stop punctuates the bold decision, emphasizing a definitive end or transition — like saying it's time to "put a full stop" on the old accountant role.

Honeycomb is in the form of a hexagon, which sets a foundation for the brand as it is a movement, a community of well-structured people, or accountants in this case that have an interconnected vision. It embodies efficiency, unity, and cohesion.

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Development & Migration to Webflow

The development itself is done on Webflow where we used fluid units in order to make the site responsive and scale on different desktop breakpoints. Most of the animations such as marquees, are done through css, meaning that the site is truly built for speed.

The extra functionality, such as filtering was done through Finsweet attributes, while the multi step forms were developed through Formly. These solutions make the site much easier to maintain, which is a crucial principle of client first.

Over 50 podcasts were migrated from Wordpress to Webflow and new assets were created for each. There was also technical SEO done on site, making the content easier to promote organically.

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Feedback from the Client

Umar Mallam Hassam

Umar Mallam Hassam

CEO @The Accountant Quits

"Choosing Tilipman Digital meant I could focus on everything but website design. The team surpassed expectations with their availability, passion for detail, structured approach, and understanding of the project’s vision, delivering the website under the requested deadline that I’m proud to share with the world."